About the CSP

What is the Community Safety Partnership?

The Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Partnership (CSP) developed out of multi-agency working in the 1990s. The partnership was formalised as a Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) to comply with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. In 2010 the term CDRP was dropped in favour of the more encompassing 'Community Safety Partnership'.

Since its establishment, the CSP's mission has been to reduce crime, disorder and the fear of crime, and to build safer place for those who live, work and spend leisure time in the borough.

To achieve these aims, the Borough Council (as one of the CSP's principal partners) has worked hard to strengthen partnership working and communication.

In 2010/11 there was a reduction in the total amount of reported crime for the fourth consecutive year.

All partners have officers with responsibility for community safety.  Together they are responsible for:

  • Recording and responding to reports of anti-social behaviour
  • Co-ordinating a positive and effective response to all incidents of domestic abuse and the provision of support services to victims and offenders
  • Co-ordinating a unified response to the investigation of hate crime
  • Reducing alcohol and drug-related crime and the harm caused by substance misuse
  • Reassuring the public by communicating the low levels of crime in the borough

In the Attachments section below you will find a link to a two-page PDF that illustrate the range of agencies and working groups that comprise the Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Partnership.