Alcohol Control Areas

As part of our commitment to reducing crime and disorder and the fear of crime within the borough, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has designated as Alcohol Control Areas (or Zones) certain roads, car parks, public areas and parks.

The Legislation

The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 provides powers for local authorities to designate, by order, public places if it is satisfied that:

  • nuisance or annoyance to members of the public or a section of the public; or
  • disorder has been associated with the consumption of intoxicating liquor in that place

Only public places can be designated. Privately owned businesses, such as licensed premises and registered clubs, cannot be designated as such.

It is an offence in a designated public place:

  • to drink alcohol if required to stop by a police officer, and
  • not to surrender alcohol if required to do so by a police officer

These are arrestable offences, for which the maximum penalty on summary conviction (ie in the Magistrates' Court, not 'on the spot') is £500.

Therefore, drinking alcohol in a designated place is not an offence in itself. However, an offence is committed if you continue to drink alcohol after being told to stop by a police officer (or police community support officer) or if you fail to hand over alcohol when asked to do so.

Links to a summary of the legislation and a full list of roads within the Tunbridge Wells zone can be found at the foot of this page.

Tunbridge Wells 'Town Centre' Zone

If there is any conflict between the written description and the map(s) the area as delineated on the map shall prevail.
The length of Woodbury Park Road eastward to junction with Dunstan Road.
South-east along Dunstan Road to junction with Grosvenor Bridge.
South-east along Grosvenor Bridge leading to Quarry Road.
South along Quarry Road leading to Camden Road.
South along Camden Road to the junction with Beulah Road.
South-east along Beulah Road to the junction with St. James’ Road.
South along Carlton Road to the junction with Calverley Park Gardens.
East along Calverley Park Gardens to the junction with Pembury Road.
South-west along Pembury Road leading to Prospect Road.
South along Prospect Road leading to Poona Road.
South along Poona Road leading to the junction with Claremont Road.
South along Claremont Road to the junction with Farmcombe Road.
South along Farmcombe Road to the junction with Farmcombe Lane.
West along Farmcombe Lane to the junction with Mount Sion.
South along Mount Sion to the junction with Madeira Park.
East along Madeira Park to its easternmost point and south leading to Rodmell Road.
West along Rodmell Road to the junction with Frant Road, crossing Warwick Park.
South along Frant Road to the junction with Montacute Road.
West along Montacute Road to the junction with Linden Park Road.
West along Linden Park Road to the junction with Nevill Terrace.
North along Nevill Terrace to the junction with Eridge Road.
East along Eridge Road leading to London Road.
East along London Road to the junction with Major York’s Road.
North-west along Major York’s Road to the junction with Bishops Down.
East along Bishops Down leading to Mount Ephraim.
East along Mount Ephraim to the junction with St Johns Road.
North along St Johns Road to the junction with Woodbury Park Road.

Other Public Spaces in Tunbridge Wells

Car Parks:

Beech Street
Camden Road
Crescent Road
Former Cinema (Church Road private)
Great Hall
Grove Hill Road (Hoopers – private)
Linden Park Road
Little Mount Sion
Meadow Road
Mount Pleasant Avenue
Royal Victoria Place
Stone Street
Town Hall Yard
Union House
Warwick Road (Season Ticket)

Public Parks:

Calverley Grounds
The Grove
Hilbert Recreation Ground
Grosvenor Recreation Ground
St Johns Recreation Ground
Covered Shopping Areas:
Royal Victoria Place
The Corn Exchange

Other Open Spaces:

Tunbridge Wells Common (north of Major York’s Road and east of Bishops Down and Mount Ephraim)

Roads and other Public Spaces in Southborough:

A26 London Road from junction Speldhurst Road to junction Pennington Road
Holden Park Road
Springfield Road
Meadow Road
Playing Field at rear of Royal Victoria Hall (known as Ridgewaye)