Bike Register

CSU Staff mark bikes in CranbrookIf you have a bicycle then make sure you always lock it securely whenever you leave it somewhere where a thief could see it. This includes your front garden!

We recommend that you register your bike - if you attend one of the CSU's bike marking events, we will do this for you!

Registering will mean your details are posted on the secure on-line database attached to the BikeRegister Website, which Police Forces across the country have secure access to.

BikeRegister also provides protection for buyers and sellers of secondhand bikes. The Ownership Document is your Log Book and provides proof of ownership for you and any potential buyer. Those considering purchasing a secondhand bike can also check a frame number with the BikeRegister database to confirm it hasn’t been reported stolen. Once registered, if your bike is stolen you can ’flag’ your bike as stolen on the database.