Handbags, Purses and Wallets

Top Tips!

  • We often carry far more than we need to, particularly on a night out. Only take small amounts of cash out with you and the debit or credit cards you plan to use. If you’re not driving, leave your car keys in a concealed place in your home. That way if your bag was to get stolen, you minimise the potential loss and inconvenience. 

  • If you need to carry a large amount of cash or valuable items, do not carry them in your handbag or wallet but ideally within a zipped-up inside pocket.

  • Handbags should be closed and fastened, and carried in front of the body. If you aren’t going too far, place the essentials (keys, small amount of cash, I.D.) in a zip-up pocket.

  • Avoid carrying house keys in your handbag with anything that identifies your address. If someone was to steal your bag, they would then have entry to your home. Instead, carry keys in a zip-up coat pocket.

  • Consider reducing the items of personal or sentimental value that you carry with you. Losing family photos, address books, and important papers is usually more traumatic to victims than financial loss.

  • Don't make it easy for thieves. When in public be sure your handbag and pockets are closed and fastened. Wallets, phones etc should not protrude from pocket as this is just too tempting for some criminals! Use a lanyard or chain to secure your wallet to your bag.

  • Be especially cautious in busy shops, at public events, on buses, and at bus stops. Thieves are attracted to crowds and noise and confusion helps to conceal their crimes. Pickpockets often work in teams; one creates a distraction by bumping or shoving, dropping something, or asking a question while others lift wallets from pockets or handbags.