Register Your Property

About Immobilise

Immobilise is a free and secure register of possession ownership, being a searchable register of stolen goods and blocked mobile phones, it is supported by crime units throughout the UK. Immobilise can be used by the public and businesses alike to register their company assets.

Uniquely users can record any registered item as lost or stolen and this appears on the Police National Stolen Equipment Database. It is the only ownership registration service supported by all the UK Police Forces, and the mobile phone industry for the registration of mobile phones. It is also supported by the Metropolitan Police, GLA and TFL for the registration of bicycles.

Mobile Phones

The National Mobile Phone Register is supported by the mobile phone industry, the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, the Metropolitan Police and other UK Police Forces, and the Home Office and helps track the many thousands of mobile phones that are lost or stolen each year in the UK.

The register already holds the details of over ten million phones but the aim is for everybody who owns a mobile phone to add their details. This will protect your phone and help the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit stop criminals. The more people and organisations that get involved, the more effective the Register will be.

It only takes a couple of minutes to register and it's completely free!


You can register bikes in the same way at Keep an eye out for CSU property marking events as we may be able to offer this service, subject to availability.