Anti-social Behaviour Order - Paul STARBUCK

Under the terms of the ASBO, which is in place until 10 March 2013, Mr Starbuck is prohibited from:

  1. consuming alcohol in an alcohol control zone in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
  2. being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog in a public place in England and Wales.

Further clarification of the second point is provided on the court order:

the court hereby orders that the dog "Mr Fudge" a Staffordshire bull terrier cross Labrador owned by this defendant "Starbuck" shall be kept under proper control in all public places in particular by being muzzled and kept on a lead.

It also states, that the order to be in effect for the rest of the dogs life, and any breach may lead to the destruction of the said dog.

In September 2011, Mr Starbuck's ASBO was extended for a further year and will run until march 2014.