Street lights mean 30mph

The Kent and Medeay Safety Camera Partnership launched a campaign this month to remind motorists that street lights mean 30mph, unless otherwise sign posted. The television advert can be viewed here:

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News Release, 15 January 2013

A new campaign has launched to remind motorists that when they are in a built-up area and there are street lights, the speed limit is 30mph unless otherwise sign posted.

The Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership issues around 50,000 speeding tickets a year, with the majority of cameras being in a 30mph limit.

Cllr Bryan Sweetland from Kent County Council said “30mph roads are complex environments, with traffic moving in different directions, parked cars, crossings, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. The speed you choose to travel through these areas is critical in deciding whether you have enough time and space to deal with this complexity safely. In addition, pedestrians hit at 35mph are twice as likely to be killed than those hit at 30mph.”

The Partnership is keen that motorists remember that ‘Street lights mean 30’ whenever they are out on the road and in a built-up area, not just at safety camera sites:

Cllr Phil Filmer from Medway Council said:  "Medway has around 250,000 residents, travelling in and around the area, and more people commuting in on a daily basis. As such, Medway Council fully supports the reminder this campaign gives to motorists, that street lights mean 30mph (unless otherwise sign posted. We hope it will help keep all road users safe and will be an aid memoir of the rules of the Highway Code.”

Katherine Barrett, Communications Officer for the Partnership said: “Some drivers who receive speeding tickets had no idea they were travelling in a 30mph zone.  We are therefore launching the ‘Street lights mean 30’ campaign to raise awareness that if you are in a built up area and there are street lights then the speed limit is 30mph unless it is signed otherwise.

“We don’t want to catch people speeding, we’d like them to slow down, and we hope that people will remember the campaign message when out on the road because it is 30 for a reason.”

A television advert is running throughout January on Meridian TV and posters, speed limit cards and trolley coins with the ‘Street lights mean 30’ message are free to order from the Partnership’s website ( or by emailing