Bogus Caller Alert

SAS Security or Crime Research UK

There have again been reports of residents being telephoned and offered security checks for their property and sometimes free home alarms. Some callers have also been claiming to work with the Police and the Council; this is not the case. They may go by the names of SAS Security or Crime Research UK, but there are many variations on the company name that are being used.

West Kent Police would like to remind residents to be wary of companies telephoning them and offering such services.


Distraction burglary

Between 12:25 and 13:25 on Friday 16th of September, there was a distraction burglary to a property in Dukes Road. A householder answered the door to a man dressed in orange overalls.

He claimed to be working close by and had seen a problem with the roof. He took the householder out and showed them the roof, he then came back into the property to talk to the husband. Both times the front door was left insecure. They agreed to have the work done and paid him about 15 minutes later when he said it was complete.


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