Property Marking and Security Roadshow


Saturday, 26 January 2013 -
11:00am to 2:00pm


You'll find the mobile police station at the fire station on Lower Green Road, Rusthall

Bring your bikes, skateboards, phones, iPads, cameras (and all those other precious Christmas gifts) for FREE security marking.   Police Community Support Officers, a TWBC Community Safety Officer and KCC Community Warden will be on hand to provide advice on all aspects of crime prevention.  All welcome.

Allotment Security

Even with high secure fencing, there’s no guarantee you won’t become a victim of allotment crime. Look out for strangers wandering around the allotment, looking in sheds, climbing the gate or fences and children not with an adult.

Garden, Allotment and Outbuilding Security

Your Garden

  • For better all-round visibility, keep plants and shrubbery at the front of the house well trimmed and no higher than three feet.
  • The more sturdy your walls, fences and gates, the easier they are to climb. Attach a weak trellis on top of walls and fences or install ornamental wrought iron gates, which can pose a challenge to all but the most determined intruders. Carefully store items such as ladders and bins so they can’t be used as climbing aids.

Home Security

Your home is your refuge and as such the importance of protecting your home against unwanted visitors cannot be overstated. Read through the advice we give here to see if you can improve your safety at home:

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